Princeton Protein Orthology Database (P-POD): Help: Technical Information and Downloads

Technical Information

Source of input FASTA files

For the Reference Genome Annotation Project data set, our source for the protein FASTA files is the PANTHERdb (version 7.0). The files were downloaded from the PANTHER FTP site (March, 2009). The resulting FASTA files are available here: (see P-POD version 4, released December 15th, 2009).

In the updated version of the Heinicke et al. (2007) data set, the FASTA files for all organisms except Plasmodium falciparum were also downloaded from the above PANTHERdb site. The P. falciparum FASTA files were obtained from EBI's Eukaryota genome collection on June 16, 2009 from their ftp link.

Version and settings information


All data are available for download on our ftp site. Please refer to the README for more information. If you are interested in any of the software used by the P-POD project, contact us.

Additional information