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OrganismDatabaseProteinDescriptionSynonymsOrtholog Identification (OrthoMCL 2.0b6)Ortholog Identification (Multi/InParanoid 3.0)Family of Related Proteins (Jaccard 0.39)Naïve Ensemble
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSGDS000004181Integral peroxisomal membrane required for the translocation of peroxisomal matrix proteins, interacts with the PTS1 signal recognition factor Pex5p and the PTS2 signal recognition factor Pex7p, forms a complex with Pex14p and Pex17pYLR191W · PAS20 · PEX13distribution
OrthoMCL2921 tree
Para3311 tree
Jaccard3280 tree
Nens3483 tree
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