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OrganismDatabaseProteinDescriptionSynonymsOrtholog Identification (OrthoMCL 2.0b6)Ortholog Identification (Multi/InParanoid 3.0)Family of Related Proteins (Jaccard 0.39)Naïve Ensemble
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSGDS000000107Glycerol 3-phosphate/dihydroxyacetone phosphate dual substrate-specific sn-1 acyltransferase of the glycerolipid biosynthesis pathway, prefers 16-carbon fatty acids, similar to Gpt2p, gene is constitutively transcribedGAT2 · SCT1 · YBL011Wdistribution
OrthoMCL24925 tree
Para16120 tree
Jaccard8892 tree
Nens20306 tree
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