P-POD: Princeton Protein Orthology Database: GO3/OrthoMCL24766

This family has 2 members: 1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 1 Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

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2 members.
OrganismProtein (Synonyms)DescriptionAmiGO
S. cerevisiaeUniProtKB:P32266 · SGD:S000005737 (MGM1 · YOR211C · MNA1)Mitochondrial GTPase related to dynamin, present in a complex containing Ugo1p and Fzo1p⌘
S. pombeUniProtKB:P87320 · GeneDB_Spombe:SPBC1718.06 (SPBC1718.06 · mgm1 · msp1)mitochondrial GTPase Msp1⌘

No functional conservation results.

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SGD Disease Papers (5)
UniProtKB:P32266 · SGD:S000005737PMID:11017079 Delettre C, et al. (2000) Nuclear gene OPA1, encoding a mitochondrial dynamin-related protein, is mutated in dominant optic atrophy. Nat Genet 26(2):207-10
UniProtKB:P32266 · SGD:S000005737PMID:16778770 Ishihara N, et al. (2006) Regulation of mitochondrial morphology through proteolytic cleavage of OPA1. EMBO J 25(13):2966-77
PMID:15125685 Amutha B, et al. (2004) A novel role of Mgm1p, a dynamin-related GTPase, in ATP synthase assembly and cristae formation/maintenance. Biochem J 381(Pt 1):19-23
PMID:12707284 Herlan M, et al. (2003) Processing of Mgm1 by the rhomboid-type protease Pcp1 is required for maintenance of mitochondrial morphology and of mitochondrial DNA. J Biol Chem 278(30):27781-8
PMID:12123827 Olichon A, et al. (2002) The human dynamin-related protein OPA1 is anchored to the mitochondrial inner membrane facing the inter-membrane space. FEBS Lett 523(1-3):171-6
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