P-POD: Princeton Protein Orthology Database: GO3/Jaccard355

This family has 55 members: 6 Arabidopsis thaliana, 4 Caenorhabditis elegans, 3 Danio rerio, 4 Dictyostelium discoideum, 4 Drosophila melanogaster, 4 Gallus gallus, 4 Homo sapiens, 6 Mus musculus, 12 Rattus norvegicus, 4 Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 4 Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

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55 members.
OrganismProtein (Synonyms)DescriptionAmiGO
A. thalianaTAIR:locus:2080777 (F24K9.17 · AT3G11500) · NCBI:NP_187757.1⌘
A. thalianaNCBI:NP_176747.1 · TAIR:locus:2018551 (F1E22.8 · AT1G65700 · F1E22_8)⌘
A. thalianaNCBI:NP_566476.1 · TAIR:locus:2087522 (MAG2.4 · AT3G14080)⌘
A. thalianaNCBI:NP_179971.1 · TAIR:locus:2061446 (T29E15.13 · T29E15_13 · SNRNP-G · AT2G23930)PROBABLE SMALL NUCLEAR RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN G⌘
A. thalianaNCBI:NP_849931.1 · TAIR:locus:2056825 (T18C20_7 · T18C20.7 · AT2G03870)⌘
A. thalianaNCBI:NP_564072.1 · TAIR:locus:2011246 (F14D16.28 · F14D16_28 · AT1G19120)⌘
C. elegansWB:WBGene00004920 (snr-7 · Y71F9B.4) · UniProtKB:Q9N4G9⌘
C. elegansWB:WBGene00003076 (F40F8.9 · lsm-1) · UniProtKB:Q20229⌘
C. elegansWB:WBGene00003081 (ZK593.7 · lsm-7) · UniProtKB:Q23543⌘
C. elegansWB:WBGene00003082 · UniProtKB:Q95XD4
D. rerioUniProtKB:Q1LV43 · ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-8284 (lsm7)LSM7 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
D. rerioZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040912-105 (zgc:103688) · UniProtKB:Q66I63⌘
D. rerioZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040801-68 (zgc:101136) · UniProtKB:Q6DBW5⌘
D. discoideumUniProtKB:Q54W83 · dictyBase:DDB_G0279837 (lsm1)LSM (like-Sm) domain-containing protein⌘
D. discoideumUniProtKB:Q54HF6 · dictyBase:DDB_G0289499 (lsm7)LSM (like-Sm) domain-containing protein, putative U6 small nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated protein⌘
D. discoideumUniProtKB:Q1ZXD5 · dictyBase:DDB_G0288479 (lsm8)LSM (like-Sm) domain-containing protein, putative U6 small nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated protein⌘
D. discoideumUniProtKB:Q54RX0 · dictyBase:DDB_G0282863 (snrpG)LSM (like-Sm) domain-containing protein, putative small nuclear ribonucleoprotein G⌘
D. melanogasterUniProtKB:Q9VXE0 · FB:FBgn0030765 (CG9742 · BcDNA:RH35475 · BcDNA:RE61341 · SmG)Small ribonucleoprotein G⌘
D. melanogasterFB:FBgn0032599 (CG13277 · BcDNA:RH73529) · UniProtKB:Q9VJI7⌘
D. melanogasterFB:FBgn0035271 (CG2021) · UniProtKB:Q9W087⌘
D. melanogasterFB:FBgn0034600 (CG4279) · UniProtKB:Q9W2K2⌘
G. gallusNCBI:XP_001233305 · ENTREZ:771344
G. gallusNCBI:XP_424387 · ENTREZ:426775
G. gallusNCBI:XP_416009 · ENTREZ:417765
G. gallusUniProtKB:Q5ZL52 · ENTREZ:420055
H. sapiensENSEMBL:ENSG00000175324 · UniProtKB:O15116 (LSM1 · CASM · O15116 · LSM1_HUMAN · IPI00004436)U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm1⌘
H. sapiensENSEMBL:ENSG00000130332 · UniProtKB:Q9UK45 (Q9UK45 · IPI00007163 · LSM7_HUMAN · LSM7)U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm7⌘
H. sapiensENSEMBL:ENSG00000128534 · UniProtKB:O95777 (LSM8 · LSM8_HUMAN · IPI00219871 · O95777)U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm8⌘
H. sapiensENSEMBL:ENSG00000143977 · UniProtKB:A8MWD9 (A8MWD9 · IPI00745343 · RUXGL_HUMAN)Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein G-like protein⌘
M. musculusNCBI:XP_001479440 · MGI:MGI:3782359
M. musculusNCBI:XP_001478216 · MGI:MGI:3704367
M. musculusUniProtKB:Q8VC85 · MGI:MGI:1914457 (Lsm1)LSM1 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
M. musculusUniProtKB:Q9CQQ8 · MGI:MGI:1913344 (Lsm7)LSM7 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
M. musculusUniProtKB:Q6ZWM4 · MGI:MGI:1923772 (Lsm8)LSM8 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
M. musculusUniProtKB:P62309 · MGI:MGI:1915261 (Snrpg · SMG)small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide G⌘
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001058230 · RGD:1584713
R. norvegicusRGD:1583028 · NCBI:XP_001079708
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001077781 · RGD:1587707
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001060066 · RGD:1588187
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001074288 · RGD:1597338
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001058762 · RGD:1308442 (Lsm8)LSM8 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001057009 · RGD:1592935
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_232769 · RGD:1562082
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001063547 · RGD:1595072
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_344537 · RGD:1304967 (Lsm1)LSM1 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_343158 · RGD:1305354 (Lsm7)LSM7 homolog, U6 small nuclear RNA associated (S. cerevisiae)⌘
R. norvegicusNCBI:XP_001075060 · RGD:1593429
S. cerevisiaeUniProtKB:P47017 · SGD:S000003660 (LSM1 · SPB8 · YJL124C)Lsm (Like Sm) protein⌘
S. cerevisiaeUniProtKB:P53905 · SGD:S000005091 (YNL147W · LSM7)Lsm (Like Sm) protein⌘
S. cerevisiaeUniProtKB:P47093 · SGD:S000003783 (YJR022W · LSM8)Lsm (Like Sm) protein⌘
S. cerevisiaeUniProtKB:P40204 · SGD:S000002965 (SMX2 · YFL018W-A · SNP2 · YFL017W-A)Core Sm protein Sm G⌘
S. pombeUniProtKB:P87173 · GeneDB_Spombe:SPBC3D6.08c (lsm1 · SPBC3D6.08c)mRNA decapping complex subunit⌘
S. pombeUniProtKB:O74499 · GeneDB_Spombe:SPCC285.12 (SPCC285.12 · lsm7)U6 snRNP-associated protein Lsm7⌘
S. pombeUniProtKB:O74483 · GeneDB_Spombe:SPCC1840.10 (SPCC1840.10 · lsm8)U6 snRNP-associated protein Lsm8⌘
S. pombeUniProtKB:O74966 · GeneDB_Spombe:SPBC4B4.05 (SPBC4B4.05 · smg1)Sm snRNP core protein Smg1⌘

No functional conservation results.

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SGD Disease Papers (2)
UniProtKB:P40204 · SGD:S000002965PMID:11606770 Birrell GW, et al. (2001) A genome-wide screen in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for genes affecting UV radiation sensitivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98(22):12608-13
UniProtKB:P40204 · SGD:S000002965PMID:10369684 Salgado-Garrido J, et al. (1999) Sm and Sm-like proteins assemble in two related complexes of deep evolutionary origin. EMBO J 18(12):3451-62
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